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Top 10 DJs to Follow on Twitter


December 6, 2013

Posted by: Gina Joy

When it comes to producing music these EDM DJs know what they’re doing, but when they’re faced with putting down what goes through their minds in less than 140 characters, some just do it better than others. Take a look at these DJs who have found their own style of “tweeting” and capturing a massive audience beyond the festival fields.

10. DJs Complaining – @DJsComplaining

They travel around the world, make millions of dollars, and still have something to complain about. Although not exactly a “DJ,” this account is definitely one to follow if you love EDM DJs and want to hear them whine about their hilarious #FirstWorldProblems.

9. Zedd – @Zedd

This guy does it all; he plays several different instruments, writes and produces all of his music, and administers all of his social media. Not only is he great at marketing his appearances and shows, he’s also extremely interactive with his fans and fellow DJs. His conversations on Twitter can be so engrossed at times that readers can feel a bit creepy looking through the back-and-forth of these exchanges.

8. Kaskade – @Kaskade

Kaskade is one of the most interactive DJs on Twitter. He’s concise and straightforward but is also a crowd pleaser to his followers. Kaskade is no stranger to showing his fans some love. Whether he is doing a giveaway, summoning people for his next music video, or even inviting his followers to one of his exclusive parties. You never know if you’ll end up in a sea of 10,000 Kaskade fans rioting outside of Hollywood’s famous Chinese Theater to see his not-so-secret show.

7. Deadmau5 – @deadmau5

Everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure DJ on Twitter. Many may argue the stupidity of following someone who yearns for attention, beefing with everyone from DJ Sneak to Madonna, and Pauly D to even a heap of his own fans. But why do we love it so much? It’s the same reason why we love reality television shows. Deadmau5 is sporadic and unpredictable. Think about it, he just recently ended the engagement with famous tattoo artist, Kat Von D (whom he also proposed to via Twitter).

6. Diplo – @Diplo

He’s the master of “cool” and the ladies’ favorite DJ. Incredible hunky and funny, it’s no wonder girls are constantly replying half-naked twerking photos to him, even after the #ExpressYourself craze. Of course being the gentleman that he is, Diplo always makes sure to return the love and retweet every one these racy pictures for all of his 1,000,000+ followers to see. Enjoy fellas.

5. Atrak – @atrak

A-trak, or DJ Foot Massage, according to his Twitter name is just one of those cool cats you would kill to spend a day with. His tweets are short, random, and absolutely hilarious. They may say something like “donkeys on a diet” or “my leather so soft.” Although you may not have a clue what he’s talking about, it’s still pretty funny to have a glimpse of what goes on through that fedora-covered head.

4. Porter Robinson – @PorterRobinson

Who would’ve thought that Porter Robinson was actually an Asian boy trapped in a
Caucasian man’s body? You wouldn’t have…unless you follow him on Twitter. Once you take a look at his feed you’ll come to find out something just a bit more mind-blowing than his amazing music: his obsession with Japanese culture. You’ll find a plethora of emoticons, tweets in kanji, and occasional anime. But it’s not a bad thing; there’s something adorable and strangely sexy about someone who’s a little nerdy inside. And hey, the ladies love it.

3. Dillon Francis – @DillonFrancis

This young, quirky DJ comes from the Mad Decent camp; it’s no shocker how he got along so well with Diplo. If you’ve ever seen his Youtube videos or Vine, you can see that he is zany, incredibly random, and doesn’t care what people think. Through his Twitter you’ll find his weird inner thoughts like, “If only Hot Cheetos were vegetables” and asking questions like, “am I less of a man because I pee on the side of the toilet bowl so it doesn’t make a sound?” If that’s not enough you’ll also find out about his love interest, @TacoBell, and his underlying daddy issues. Uh oh, #RedFlag.

2. Laidback Luke – @LaidbackLuke

Laid back? Try “The Most Nicest, Engaging, and Courteous DJ In The Entire Universe.” Just take a look at his Twitter account. Laidback Luke replies back to literally every single fan that writes to him (multiple times in some cases). You would think that traveling all over the world, playing multiple shows, and being newly married would be a bit time consuming. Nope. With over 130k tweets, it is obvious that Laidback Luke is one cheerful fellow who loves his fans just as much as they love him.

1. Wolfgang Gartner – @WolfgangGartner

You know those people who are constantly filling up your Twitter homepage with whining complaints, but you can’t find the strength to click that unfollow button because somewhere deep in your heart you find it…well, oddly entertaining? Say hello to the master of dry sarcasm and rants: Wolfgang Gartner. Recently back on the Twitter game after a short hiatus due to a DJ quarrel between him and Martin Solveig, Gartner is back with a couple more topics to complain about. Let’s just say he’s not a big fan of Vancouver airports, top 40 DJs, and breast-feeding moms in first class.

He said it best himself on July 13, 2013, “who needs to follow DJsComplaining when you can just follow me?”