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Take a Step Backwards


March 3, 2014

Posted by: Roxy Kola

A Step Backwards: generally that can be seen as a bad thing, however this time it is nothing short of fantastic. The song in question is “ Telemiscommunications,” collaboration between the hauntingly voiced Imogen Heap and Deadmau5 himself. Excuse the lack of adjectives, but the overabundance of those words could make your high school English teacher scream.

I will admit walking into this I was expecting typical Deadmau5. Up beat, a fast lead, something you could kick ass to. But that’s the beauty of this song, it’s nothing like that at all. It is a good step back. There are plenty of Deadmau5 songs you could pop on and mellow out to for hours, but eventually the slow cooker turned into a rolling boil for this one and I actually loved it. So much so, that the song practically punched me in the face and knocked my ass to the ground. I bought it because it said Imogen Heap in the “Artist listing.” I then proceeded to skip past it for weeks on end. I regret it now though, and I emphasize you to give it a listen.

The sound starts as little rain drops of noise, something to ease you in, to grab your curiosity. The beat Deadmau5 delivers is fresh and slow, background noise as a metaphor for the outside world. It’s there, just barley, like something you’ve gotten used to and tuned out. It pulls you in to a wonderful piano undertone and a casual beat. It’s a song you could listen to while sitting in the rain and thinking about your day, the kind of beat that refreshes your soul after a frustrating day at work or school or home. It makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of life and into this wondrous dulled filter that tells you to slow down and realize all the faults in your day are no big deal. It’s a breath of fresh air.

The song itself is not actually even a song, it’s a conversation strung over a wonderfully slow beat. It’s Imogen Heap doing what she does best: telling a story with nothing but her voice. The vocals are piled up like layers of warm blankets that wrap your brain in a big British cuddle puddle of delight. She manages to pull you in, the subtle rasp and the emotion of a woman are there to help you along the way.

The story is about a woman going about her day and trying to talk to her lover. This is a story we can all relate to. The setting follows her throughout her daily activities; on the bus, with her friends, trying to figure out where the hell she needs to go. And then, she’s answering her phone. She’s talking to her boyfriend, telling him everything’s fine, just trying to say hello. As the chorus states this is not normal, they’ve started to fall into a sad pattern. The honeymoon, “lovey dovey” portion of the relationship is gone and they’re experiencing a regular life once again. Of course it can either be ironed out or fall apart, but the song does not illustrate that. They haven’t gotten there yet, she’s lamenting over the fact that they’ve even gotten here. And that pattern of regular, routine life is tearing her apart. On the outside it seems as if she’s having a good time with her friends, all the while, worrying on the backburner. The song ends, you’re left wondering if you too will make it or if you’ll be left with the mundane. Tune in, see what speaks to you.