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Tag : New Music

Kaskade’s New Remix


May 14, 2015

Posted by: admin

We’ll be the first to proclaim that the recent 50 Shades of Grey movie should have been called “125 Minutes of Garbage,” but the soundtrack, surprisingly, had a few gems. One of them, Skylar Grey’s I Know You, has received the remix treatment fro... Read more

Zedd Premiers New Music ‘Find You’


January 25, 2014

Posted by: The Kat

Originally intended to be revealed in a Bud Light commercial during the Grammy Awards Jan. 26, Find You will likely still get its spotlight time, along with a release the same day on the Divergent soundtrack and as a single, here. Back for another Zedd collab, Matthew K... Read more

The New Music of Anamanaguchi


December 22, 2013

Posted by: Roxy Kola

It was a Saturday night, three years ago, in Toronto. My cousin was on his honeymoon, and I was house sitting. And as any self-respecting house sitter would do, I sat around and played video games the whole time. The game I got hooked on was Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,... Read more

Electronica Artists You Should Listen To


September 21, 2013

Posted by: Lauralie Ezra

Everybody knows the greats of today’s electronica scene: Above and Beyond, Daft Punk, Tiesto, etc. However, have you taken the time to branch out and find something new? A problem I find with electronica is that some of the sounds can become a little bit stale, an... Read more

True – Avicii’s New Album (Streamed Live)


September 18, 2013

Posted by: The Kat

It’s been almost six months since Avicii gave us a sample of his debut artist album, TRUE, on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival. As he performed on stage at XS Nightclub in Vegas last weekend, we got the majority of the album. But that wasn’t good enough fo... Read more