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SHM Series Part 3: WE LOVED


April 7, 2013

Posted by: OhMyGodItsKat

Swedish House Mafia as a whole came in at number 12 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs, with all three members ranking on the chart individually as well. In an interview in Spinner magazine online, Steve Angello says “we’ve always been solo artists. We’ve always been individuals.”

Angello also reveals, three days after the official group break up, that his solo album is already almost finished and singles will begin to be released soon. He plans to release music that is different from the SHM vibe that the trio is known so well for. He plans to veer away from “what is easy” and what he has been so accustomed to in the past. In addition to his solo shows that he has already began performing, his record label, Size Records, will be getting a little more TLC. Angelo has come from somewhat humble beginnings, fighting with Paris Hilton over song requests and spinning local clubs in Stockholm, to selling out arenas worldwide.

Ingrosso, the artist coined with his catchphrase “I’m going to fuck this nightclub in the pussy” and painted as the fun-loving party monster of the trio, plans to make more music with the boys separately and with who ever else he can put his head together with to make monumental music. He mentions wanting to do more underground shows and music as well as collaborate with mainstream mass-sellers. Now residing in Los Angeles, California and holding a residency in Las Vegas, he has proved to have come a long way from his first official released mix in 1999 through the SHM years and on to his completely solo career.

Axwell, who also owns the imprint Axtone Records, expressed his interest in doing more underground shows and releases in the future as well. In an interview with Big Shot Mag, Axwell talks about focusing on the future of electronic music. The first of the trio to reveal what he has in store for the post-breakup days, Axwell seems to be more intent on finding “what’s next” in the realm of talent.

The trio has not only accomplished great feats that identify each member as an industry great, but they can also be credited with inadvertently catapulting electronic music to mass attention in the United States and across the world. From creating the Masquerade Motel series intended to encourage partiers to release all inhibitions; to releasing hits so coveted that alcohol distributors like Absolut scrambled to get rights to the name “Greyhound” to release in conjunction with the song; to a grand finale spanning 24 countries on nearly every continent in the world: Swedish House Mafia and its following has been listed among the greatest and most influential groups in musical history.