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How Do You Become a “Heartbreaker?”


December 11, 2013

Posted by: Roxy Kola

Lately I’ve been listening to ‘How to be a Heartbreaker’ by Marina and the Diamonds on repeat. While yes it counts more as Synthpop then anything else; It’s electronic, you can dance to it, and it’s music. That being said a sarcastic breakdown of EDM doesn’t count towards much, but I feel like this song requires a little attention.

I have heard of this band in passing while songs graced my ears through Pandora while I work. It’s interesting to say the least; the whole act consists of a live band with synthetic sounds and charming vocals sewn into it. Could be my childhood roots of ELO kicking in here, but there’s something intriguing to live music thrown into electronic beats. The Diamonds portion of the title is actually a representation of the fans similar to ‘Moonchildren’ or ‘Little Monsters.’ However being called Diamonds is so much more glamorous than it feels, a truly unique moniker to inspire individualism.

The vocalist herself has a lovely deep and soothing sound, both husky and low yet also sweet and charming. Her voice sounds either like Bjork or Ellie Goulding in tone and attitude. She is unique and easily distinguished from her competitors. There is a sense of a true “tough-ass” buried underneath the playfulness of her voice.

The song itself feels like it belongs played over a montage of Sixteen Candles; it has the perky sweet yet heavy emotion that a classic movie does. The song feels fresh and darling, truly pulling from its 80′s roots.