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Witch House: The Gothic Side of EDM That Started Out as a Joke, but Turned Serious


December 13, 2013

By this point, you may have heard the term “witch house” within EDM circles. Over several years, the sub-genre has earned some infamy and acclaim. At the core of witch house are gothic themes, obscure lyrics, dark imagery, names that contain crosses, triangles, and ... Read more

Popularity of EDM Has Only Increased


December 6, 2013

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has been exciting people who enjoy its dance beat for generations. There was a time when EDM was tolerated and only followed by its most loyal fans. Things have changed. Today the huge attendance at EDM music festivals around the world is go... Read more

Getting Into the EDM Scene


November 3, 2013

After awhile, it is always a good idea to change things up and explore different styles of music. Listening to new styles of music can really open your eyes to all sorts of amazing artists you never would have known you’d like, especially when it comes to electron... Read more

Artist Profile: Daedelus


November 1, 2013

There are many artists in electronic music that have created a unique and arresting stage persona. Many are secretive and intentionally mysterious. Some can be downright over-the-top. Some are both (and as an aside, I really want to know what most baby boomers who caugh... Read more

From Hated to “Wubbed”: A History of Dubstep


October 26, 2013

Electronic music has always been under some scrutiny by the general public. Most people think it is purely rave music and loud bass. Dubstep doesn’t really seem to help that stereotype. However, dubstep wasn’t always like it is today. Today’s electronic mu... Read more