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Gina Joy

About Gina Joy

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Gina Joy was nearly destined for the untamed life. A full-time workaholic, freelance writer, and business student, it's hard to believe that she wants to spend the little time that she has trying to discover all that the world has to offer. Gina is currently finishing up her marketing degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and working at an online media company called Crowd Siren. She is a blogger and content creator, writing about everything from music festival recaps to restaurant reviews.

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Posts Written by Gina Joy

Top 10 DJs to Follow on Twitter


December 6, 2013

When it comes to producing music these EDM DJs know what they’re doing, but when they’re faced with putting down what goes through their minds in less than 140 characters, some just do it better than others. Take a look at these DJs who have found their own ... Read more

Top 10 EDM Dances at a Nightclub


November 2, 2013

1. The Chick Pack You’ll see them at every club, that gang of girls dressed in crowns, tiaras, and sashes nestled together in a tight pack. They’ll scream when their favorite song comes on and sway back and forth with both hands in the air. Whether they̵... Read more

Holy Ship 2014 Lineup Announced!


July 19, 2013

It’s back with a bang! Critically acclaimed EDM cruise, Holy Ship!!!, has unveiled its 2014 lineup and it’s a dance party doozie. The lineup features a star-powered DJs including veterans like A-trak, Diplo, Laidback Luke, and Boys Noize and bringing in new ... Read more

Top 10 EDM Placements in Commercials


July 13, 2013

Let’s face it, watching commercials is not the most enjoyable activity in the world. We are strained to sit through 30-second fragments of dull and annoying endorsements, everything from corporate ads to “As Seen on TV” infomercial gadgets. With the ma... Read more

Sensation is Back – 3 New Cities


July 9, 2013

Since its launch in 2000, Sensation has become one of the largest global dance music events in the world. To this date, there have been over 80 Sensation events held worldwide. The all white party made their debut on American soil with two sold out shows just last year ... Read more