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English dubstep producer Christopher William Mercer, better known by his stage name Rusko, was musically inclined from an early age and was professionally trained at the Leeds College of Music in the UK. After finishing schooling, he began to create tracks that were noticed by UK labels, and later gained international recognition. Branching out and now performing worldwide at music festivals like Ultra, Coachella, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury, the dub master has secured his spot on the list of the most notable DJs in the world. He also plays international shows at nightclubs and has a current residency in Las Vegas.

Closely related to Caspa, with whom he collaborated with frequently, Rusko began to produce tracks that veered away from the dark dubstep beats. He taken the genre into a new realm in the time that he has produced and influenced the industry. Singles like “Cockney Thug” which was released in 2009 and “Somebody to Love” from January of 2012 have become underground hits.

Rusko has signed with Mad Decent in the past, but decided to begin releasing music for free instead of re-signing his contract. His first free album was called “The Kapow” and was wildly successful for being completely self-released.



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