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It could be said that Morgan Page came out of nowhere; questions begin to arise when an artist emerges from under the radar with sensational hits and success. Growing up in a log-cabin in rural Vermont, Page started his interest in electronia at the age of 12. By 15, he was hooked and worked on a local college radio show to familiarize himself with music and the technical details. At the end of high school Page attained his own radio show at The University of Vermont where he first heard Terry Lee Brown Jr.'s "Chocolate Chords," Swayzak's "Snowboarding in Argentina," and Barada's "Strategies For A Deeper Design." Soon after this exposure, tech-house became his obsession. He continued his radio shows as well as saving up for studio gear.

Now, at the young age of 24, Page has released some of the world's most widely recognized dance tracks such as, "The Longest Road," "Fight For You," and "In The Air.” Morgan has received two Grammy nominations: a personal nomination for best remix with Nadia Ali and a nomination for his remix of "The Longest Road" by Deadmau5. Known for layering memorable heartening lyrics over the crisp synths and progressive house beats, Page is one of the most technically savvy and talented musicians of the EDM world. Morgan Page is a force to be reckoned with - an established triple threat of DJing, remixing, and original production.



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