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The 28-year old Jon Gooch, also known by his DJs aliases Feed Me and Spor, has released work under Deadmau5’s Mau5trap record label among others. He is one of the few DJs to use an elaborate traveling LED set (others include the stadium-touring Deadmau5 and Skrillex) in the shape of a Cheshire smile, resonant of his logo, the wide-smiling monster.

The dubstep, drum & bass producer hails from the UK and emerged onto the EDM scene in 2004 when he began to produce and DJ for UK-based labels who identified him for his catchy bass lines and style. In 2008, Gooch began to produce for Mau5trap records for the side-project, Feed Me. In addition to the previous minor successes of his drum & bass act, Gooch began to create electro-house, dub fusion type music that was mass-accepted by a more commercial crowd.

Gooch has stated that he is influenced by 80’s pop as well as Radiohead and Muse. He has remixed for Nero, Robyn and Gorillaz and has produced tracks for the UK sensation, Example. Gooch has created one last moniker, Seventh Stitch, which he also plans to release music under (in addition to his first two successful acts) in the near future.



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