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From the moment young Joel Zimmerman discovered a deceased rodent in his computer, an alter-ego was created that has proved to be ubiquitous, tremendously popular and extremely successful. Put simply, deadmau5 is one of the biggest names in dance music, with a huge catalog of successful releases and sold-out live performances that feature his dynamic mouse-shaped head ornament-- an iconic symbol now recognized worldwide. With six studio albums under his belt, the Canadian-born deadmau5 is the recipient of multiple Grammy Awards and many other music industry honors. His sound is versatile, sometimes subtle and airy and sometimes harder-edged, but always superbly produced and sonically air-tight. In 2007, he launched his own record label mau5trap, which distributes many of his own releases as well as pioneering work from Skrillex, Tommy Trash, Feed Me and many more.

Deadmau5 has garnered high-profile endorsement deals with electronics companies and, as a subject of many interviews and profiles, he is often seen as a controversial figure not afraid to speak his mind. Ongoing interest in technology, video games, and his cat Meowington keep deadmau5 fans entertained, as do his frequent and sometimes-caustic tweets, and his current relationship with famous tattoo artist Kat Von D. Having just completed another triumphant set at Ultra Music Festival 2013, don’t expect deadmau5 to quiet down anytime soon. It’s quite clear his music and his opinions will continue to cause a stir in the dance music world for many years to come.



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