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Artist Profile: Adrian Lux


April 16, 2013

Posted by: OhMyGodItsKat

I first saw Adrian Lux perform at Surrender Nightclub a few months back and didn’t even pay attention to the DJ lineup before I arrived. It was just another night out club hopping with the girls when I noticed the dreamboat on stage. He was spinning what sounded like EDM’s version of catchy pop songs. I had heard Adrian Lux before; even when I didn’t know to associate the melodies with the man, I had heard “Teenage Crime” in the clubs before—and often.

I watched a couple interviews with the foreign producer who was a model in a past life in Sweden (not surprised, he’s so cute!). His accent was thick and his English faltered at certain points, but he was confident and very interesting to watch. He was just so…honest. He wasn’t comedically sarcastic or fashionably cynical like a lot of DJs tend to come off in interviews these days. He just answered the questions with unpretentious and sincere answers. He just wanted to make the best quality of music for the people who really appreciate it.

On stage, he is so focused, and hints of the most genuine smile flash across his face when the crowd gets crazy for the drops. He began producing hip-hop tracks and moved into house music, and now he plays top-notch nightclubs and festivals around the world. Adrian Lux played both Ultra Music Festival and Coachella earlier this year; two of the largest and most well-known music festivals in the nation. He is scheduled for live shows across the USA as well as internationally:

Upcoming Tour Dates:

April 21: Coachella Sahara Tent
April 25: Estate Nightclub, Boston, MA

May 1: Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, NV <-- StreamKat LIVE!

May 15: Josephine’s, Washington, DC
May 25: EDC Chicago
May 30: Siestafestival
June 5: Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, NV
June 14: Festival
July 12: Exchange, Los Angeles, CA
July 26: Sandstorm Festival