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…And Everyone Did the Harlem Shake


March 25, 2013

Posted by: OhMyGodItsKat

Let’s be honest: if you didn’t get your Harlem Shake video up at least 48 hours after the first few videos went viral, you missed the trend. Even blogging about this right now is borderline anti-trendy, and not even in a “non-trendy hipster” kind of way. But with straggler videos popping up on Facebook timelines more than a month after the flash fad happened, I can’t help but wonder: why now?

Mad Decent posted Baauer’s Harlem Shake for free download in May 2012 and this social incident didn’t happen until almost a year later. This phenomenon even got its own Wikipedia page on February 15, 2013, just a couple weeks after the original videos hit. Everyone knows that only really important shit gets its own Wikipedia page. The song has caused disputes between Baauer and Azaelia Banks because of her allegedly sub-par remix, and has gotten the 23-year-old American producer into legal trouble because of unauthorized vocal samples used on the track.


The Harlem Shake is now known among the most widely spread memes on the Internet, right up there with Grumpy Cat, Bad Luck Brian, and Socially Awkward Penguin. What sets this one apart from the rest, is that it is one of very few video memes that have gained mass attention.

At this point, every time I click “play” on a new Harlem Shake video, I hope it has something new to offer me. I’m expecting to see something crazy and awesome, but every video makes “crazy awesome” seem…standard. What started as a weird, yet hilarious movement now dwindles as an overdone craze.

Baauer, however, has gained the notoriety that he deserves. The Harlem Shake was a bangin track before all of the viral hype, and after 130 million collective views in just one week, every mildly Youtube-savvy user online now knows exactly when to expect that iconic drop. With his upcoming residency at Las Vegas nightclub, The Light, and a tour with shows scheduled at Coachella as well as Ultra Miami and South by Southwest parties, we can expect to see much more of Baauer in 2013.


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